Houston Teachers Strained Amid the Pandemic May Resign This Week

When Houston schools reopen in the fall, there may not be as many teachers. The pandemic and economic shutdown are making it difficult for teachers to provide students with the education they need.

Confused, Apprehensive, and scared.

That's how educators are feeling right now, according to Andrew Dewey the Executive Vice President with the Houston Federation of Teachers. He says school budgets are strained and the state education agency hasn't provided any concrete COVID-19 guidance for the fall.

“I’ve had teachers flat out tell me that they love their job. They want to keep doing their job, but they don’t know how they can do their job safely, and they are thinking about leaving,” Dewey said.

Dewey says a number of Houston teachers may step down this week. That's because Friday, July 10th is the last day they can resign without having to face penalties to their certification. He applauds those who stay on, making lesson plans for the physical classroom and the virtual one.

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