The pandemic spurs bicycle sales

The pandemic has led to a spike in bicycle sales. In fact, the lowest-priced bikes are in short supply.

That's the case in Houston where Chase Kerzel is an assistant manager at Bike Barn.

"We've seen literally the largest bicycle sales boom in the history of the industry; everybody seems to want a bike all at once."

Kerzel says families are trying to do something about cabin fever.

"We're selling a lot of fitness bikes, comfort hybrids, things for families to do; we're selling a lot of mountain bikes, as well -- just excuses for people to get out of the house."

Kerzel says bike prices start at $500 but many families are spending a thousand dollars per bike because the cheaper models are sold out.

"We've had families buying thousand dollar bikes for everybody, just to get bikes, because there's such high demand for them right now."

You can spend thousands of dollars for the most expensive bikes, but most of us are hoping to find one in the $500 to $600 range.

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