The mainstream media just doesn't learn

The mainstream media forgot about what happened in 2016. You know the old saying. Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

They are going poll crazy again, and making it sound like Joe Biden can't lose. Dan Gainor with the Media Research Center says they are trying to depress Republican turnout.

"They act like he's not going to get any votes. It's going to rebound on the,. It's going to depress the Democratic vote because they will think they don't need to vote," Gainor explained.

Of course they tried the same trick four years ago, and President Hillary Clinton was never inaugurated. Gainor says if you look at the polls you know not to trust them.

"You'll find they are heavily weighted and that they have over sampled Democrats and liberals. It's all a game," Gainor said.

And he also says national polls mean nothing. The election is decided state by state.

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