Republicans Flocking to Parler as a Conservative Alternative for Twitter

Conservatives are flocking by the thousands to an alternate social media app: Parler. They say Parler doesn't restrict your free speech like Facebook and Twitter.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz says he's tired of big tech silencing conservative voices.

“That’s why I’m proud to join Parler. This platform gets what free speech is all about,” Cruz said in a video message.

Last week, Parler added about a million users, including Cruz and other big name Republicans like Nikki Haley. Social media expert Lindsey Harrison, the CEO of The it Crowd Marketing Agency, says many are looking for an alternative to Facebook and Twitter.

“They get to have their own rules, and whether you follow those rules or not, they are able to censor the information that you are putting out there. So people are looking for that uncensored platform, and they have found it in Parler as of right now,” Harrison said.

Parler only has 2 million users, compared to Facebook’s 2 billion. However, Harrison says if they continue to attract users, it could one day be a viable alternative to big tech.

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