Pack Up the Kids and Hit the Road

Overseas travel is down this summer... but piling the kids into the car and seeing America is on the upswing. The American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts almost all vacations this year will be by car. Joshua Zuber of AAA-Houston says, "Road trips area popular way to travel because they allow you to customize your vacation based on your schedule and your interests. It's an easy and fun way for families to travel - especially for those with small children. And it's a more budget friendly option."

Everyone in the Car --- It's a Road Trip!

Zuber says weekend getaways are more popular than extended vacations and gas prices are still good. Because you'll be traveling to different areas, click here first to see possible restrictions in your destination. And bring along an extra zip lock bag to cover the TV remote in your motel room.!

Photo: Getty

Family on a quick Road Trip vacation

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