When will the crises end??? 2020 has been one hit after another

You're not the only one that feels like 2020 has been one crisis after another. Not by a long shot.

Coronavirus, murder hornets, George Floyd protests, and the attacks on our history. It seems like 2020 hasn't given us a break. And we might not be out of it yet, either.

"Everybody needs to strap on their boots. It's not over. We got a long way to go," Melissa Mackenzie of the American spectator said.

You might think that the mainstream media would declare it over on November 4th if Joe Biden beats President Trump. But Mackenzie says our problems would only get worse.

"Well, the only thing worse than what we are seeing right now is a weak, addled President. That's what we would have with Biden," she stated.

Mackenzie also added that if Biden is elected, the chaos and mayhem we've seen for a month is only going to get bigger.

Virus Background

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