How did these kids become protesters?

Many of the protesters we have seen for the last couple of months are kids, or those in their early 20's. You wonder how this is all sitting with their parents.

Probably not so well. Education expert Jean Burk says she's watched the riots, and if these were her kids, she would be mortified.

"We are seeing parents, who are hiding in the shadows. If these were my kids doing this I would be mortally embarrassed," Burk stated.

So why are these kids doing this? Is it the way they were raised, or the crowd they hang out with?

"You have to be vigilant as a parent of who your kids are hanging around with. The pressure is so intense for them that they feel they have to engage with whatever activity is going on," Burk explained.

But, Burk also says this is the result of parents wanting to be friends with their kids, and not parents, which is something we've mentioned more than a few times.

Protests Continue Across The Country In Reaction To Death Of George Floyd

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