Some want more action, less talk from Trump

President Trump has talked a lot about law and order, and standing up for the statues that the left and the protesters have been going after. Some want action to back up the tough talk.

Some are looking for the National Guard to come in. Red State's 'Streiff' says there's a big problem with actually going in to a city to stop these rioters.

"He's in a very difficult place, wading into an area that hasn't asked for federal assistance to suppress what is very clearly a state issue," he explained.

And then there's this. Let's just say Trump did something. The left would lose their mind.

"You end up escalating the situation and really risk making heroes and martyrs out of the people involved," Streiff stated.

Streiff says Trump's best bet is to make sure voters realize exactly who is responsible for this. And in those cities, it's the Democrats.

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