Fewer Americans Losing Sleep Over Financial Issues

Fewer adults in the U.S. are losing sleep over their personal finances this year.

Despite a pandemic and economic shutdown, Americans are now feeling a bit more optimistic about money issues. Perhaps it’s a sign the economy is improving. A new Bankrate survey finds just 48% have trouble sleeping because of finances. That's down 8% from last year. Industry analyst Ted Rossman says that may seem surprising given 2020 has brought about some of the greatest societal, health and monetary challenges of our lifetimes. However, there are several reasons why Americans feel slightly more relieved.

“The government stimulus checks, the PPP, the expanded unemployment benefits, I think that deserves a lot of credit for people’s financial well-being,” Rossman said.

Rossman says the biggest money issues Americans are worried about include everyday expenses, the cost of health insurance, and saving enough for retirement.

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