A big change to the way we work

The pandemic may have a silver lining for some businesses: they've found out working from home has benefits. A new survey says more than two-thirds of companies may work from home -- forever.

Workplace culture expert Cheri Perry says workers can collaborate virtually.

"They can just make sure that they're having an open line of communication with their team members and find out what's working, what's not working and how do I help make people as efficient as they can be no matter where they work."

Perry says bosses need to keep track of morale.

"Making sure that you're having some sort of weekly check-up with the entire team; taking a pulse if you will to find out how everyone's doing."

Perry says some workers will thrive at home and some will struggle; companies need to be flexible.

"We have a lot more flexibility; technology gives us a lot of options and as long as we make sure to pair that with great human interaction and contact I think we're going to be great."

Perry says some workers will be more productive at home and will earn an even larger salary, while others may take less money in exchange for more work flexibility.

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