Staying at Home More Boosts Mattress Sales

Mattress sales were down in April and May due, like many industries, to Coronavirus. So why are they bouncing back now? Mattress Mac (Jim McInvale - or Mattress Mac - owns Gallery Furniture) says he knows why. "Mattress sales are up nation-wide because people are staying at home more and discovering that old mattress is HURTING THEIR BACK!"

Mac says they will be better for shedding that old mattress and getting a new, better one. "A great night's sleep really does boost your immune system, boosts your cognitive abilities and boosts your physical abilities. More and more people are realizing this as they are spending more time at home."

You're Probably Not Getting Enough Sleep

Mattress Mac says people who are not going out much and are staying at home a lot are finding out how important a good night's sleep is. Mac says they are saying to themselves, "You know what?!? We're not spending money going out. We're not going out to ball games and spending money. We're not spending money on vacations. Let's go out and buy a new mattress and get a great night's sleep." Mac says that sleep is nature's health food!

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Good night's sleep on a new mattress

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