Is 2020 just a rerun of 2016?

If you are thinking that the 2020 campaign is starting to look a lot like 2016 you might very well be right.

Four years ago, the left and mainstream media thought Republicans were stupid to nominate Donald Trump. In fact they were more than happy to help him win the nomination.

"They thought Hillary Clinton's win was guaranteed because they thought the Republican party was incapable of putting up a candidate that was capable of beating her," Davidiuk explained.

Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk says because of that, and just like 2016, you'll see polling saying Joe Biden can't possibly lose. Operative word being polling.

"People know that publicly supporting Republicans and Trump paints a target on people. They put themselves in position to become victims," Davidiuk said.

So yes, just like in 2016, the left thinks they're smarter than you, which didn't work out for them four years ago.

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