Face Masks Not Mandatory in Montgomery County

Currently 8 Texas Counties, including Harris, have issued a mandatory face mask order. Montgomery County is not one of them. Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough explains. "For Montgomery County, being in consultation with our county attorneys, we have no intention at this time. Why? Because there is no lawful basis to issue such an order."

Governor Abbott Trumps Harris County Mask Order

Judge Keough says the county is not opposed to you wearing one."Remember, the CDC guidelines have to do with hand sanitation and social distancing; as the Governor [Abbott] said in his message 'and/or face mask.'" He also suggests you stay 6 feet away from others when you are out. If you feel crowded, just move out of the way. "We're of the opinion that people need to regulate themselves. If you want to wear a mask - wear a mask!"

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No Mandatory Face Masks in Montgomery County

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