The Chrome store needs some polish

There's distrust for the Chrome store now that more than 70 malicious browser extensions have been found.

Many of the bad extensions stole users' personal information. Security expert Robert Siciliano says don't just download browser extensions; vet them first.

"You've looked at comments; you've done the research; you've found out what others have to say."

Siciliano says you shouldn't be the first to try an extension.

"Let others make those determinations as to whether or not they are good to use, safe and secure."

As always, Siciliano says make sure the browser is up to date, along with the operating system and your antivirus software.

But Siciliano points out you don't have to use the Chrome browser.

"There's the Brave browser, there's DuckDuckGo; you do have options beyond Chrome that have equally as viable extensions that would serve all the various purposes the Chrome web store provides."

The Brave browser is based on the Chrome engine, but its makers insist it has built-in tracking protection that makes it safer to use. Firefox and Microsoft's Edge-Chromium are other options if you want to avoid Chrome. DuckDuckGo is an alternative search engine and there's a DuckDuckGo web browser.

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