Is Marriage Outdated?

Nearly 19 million committed American couples are not walking down the aisle, and their numbers are growing. - especially with Millenials. Over the past two decades, the rate of unmarried couples living together has tripled. Couples say they're committed to each other - but are NOT going to walk down the aisle. Recently fewer and fewer couples are getting married and many think Covid-19 is behind it. Psychologist and Millennial expert Dr. John Huber of Mainstream Mental Health says there may be fewer weddings, but this trend in Millennials is nothing new. "Marriage ends two ways: 50% end in divorce. 50% end in death. They both scare Millennials to start with!"

Huber says many Millennials don't have roll models for a long, lasting relationships. "They don't know how to have relationships because they don't have roll models and they're not practicing in a traditional 'mating manner.'"

Marriage VW Living Together

Says Dr. Huber: "It's almost uncool to be married today because

  1. who are our roll models?
  2. what do we see going on with them?

Dr. Huber says many Millennials aren't comfortable with the permanence of marriage because they never learned what it takes -- like negotiating relationship problems and struggling through trouble as a family.

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Fewer and fewer of these now

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