Restaurants Prepare for All-Mask Operation

Many restaurant and retail shop managers are getting ready for the new mask order: posting signs and training their staff. Our TV partner Channel 2 visited with the General Manager of This Is It Soul Food Thaddeus Wesley who says his staff has been wearing face masks for a long time, and are ready for their customers to follow suit."We just want to keep our customers and staff safe. We feel that's the biggest thing we can do is to do what the County wants us to do. And we will keep everybody safe."

He says if customers won't comply, they can always accept their meal as a to-go order. "They can take off their mask while they eat, of course. But when they come through the line and walk around the restaurant, we want those masks on. They also must observe those social distancing parameters. "

Masks are now mandatory for staff and visitors or customers at all businesses in Harris County where they will be around other people.

Restaurant Staff and Customers must wear Face Masks

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