Garth Comes to Spring, Texas!

If you have friends in low places and thank God for unanswered prayer...300 drive-in theaters across the country might have something just for you!

Have you always wanted to see Garth Brooks in concert, but didn't have the cash? or the boots and hat? or the time to get there, park, crawl all over a stadium or arena just to find your seats? This may be your chance to see Garth in concert - and you don't have to wear shoes!

Garth Brooks will be in concert next Saturday night (6-27-2020) at 300 drive-in theater in the U.S. The best news of Houston area fans: one of the venues is The Showboat Drive-in in Spring. San Antonio and New are also included in the 300.

Load up your car, wear your pajamas if you want, and see Garth REALLY Bigger Than Life.

Only $100 for each vehicle.

Garth Brooks coming to Drive-In Theaters

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