Space X is Hiring Offshore Operations Engineers

Space X is looking for experienced offshore operations engineers to help out with rocket launches.

This sounds so Houston, doesn’t it?

Elon Musk has talked for years about offshore, floating rocket launch sites, and now, he’s doing it.Rumors of the jobs had lit up the twittersphere and then Musk stepped in to confirm it was true. “Space X is building floating, super heavy-class spaceports for Mars, moon and hypersonic travel around earth.”

Mike Wall, senior writer with, broke the story. “All we really know is that they’re hiring engineers to sort of work on these offshore platforms: build them, get them ready to actually launch their new colonizing Mars spaceship combo.”Wall says the hiring is being done out of Brownsville and the expectation is that at least one of the offshore launch sites will be in warm Gulf waters off the coast of Texas, but at the moment that is speculation. They’ve already got a development at Boca Chico, Texas where the prototypes of the Starship are being constructed.

In a separate tweet, a hypothetical was thrown out about the possibility of using refurbished oil platforms and Musk’s planned high-speed Hyperloop to transport people from dry land.Musk’s response was “Pretty much.”

Space X has previously announced an aggressive target of 2022 for unmanned tests to begin. That means the platforms will have to be constructed and made operational in short order.

Applications are being accepted at the Space X website.

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