Saharan Dust Expected This Week

Because pestilence wasn’t enough, now we’re about to have a menacing cloud of murky, Saharan dust befall us. We could be tempted to add African dust to the list of "new normal," but this one actually is normal.

It happens around this time every year, says Space City Weather’s Matt Lanza, and sometimes more than once in one year.“It depends on exactly what the weather pattern looks like, but if it does aim into Texas we’ll see a significant change in the skies above us. It will turn grey, kind of milky, and air quality will go down rather substantially,” he tells KTRH News. “It can aggravate anybody that has any sort of asthma, respiratory issues, and allergies.People like myself with season allergies are usually irritated when we have dust events like this.”

Lanza says it expect the cloud of dust to make an appearance toward the end of the week.Its saving grace, the annual migration of dust across the Atlantic tends to suppress storm formation and reduces the likelihood of hurricanes.

Here's an explanation from a Beaumont station:

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