Mainstream media plays games with Texas COVID numbers

The mainstream media can't wait to tell you that Texas is seeing more COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. They are leaving out an important part of the story, though.

According to the data, Texas has had 72 deaths per million, which is 42nd in the country. It's well below the per capita rate of 362 deaths per million. And Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady says that means you are safer here than in other states.

"We are 23 times safer here in Texas the way we handled the COVID-19 crisis than New York State," Brady said.

Brady says there's a reason the mainstream media gives you one set of numbers and not the complete story.

"They are really not fans of opening the economy. They'd lock to see us locked down. That would hurt a lot of Americans," Brady stated.

The mainstream media thinks that the longer they can keep the country shut down, the better chance they have of getting Donald Trump out of the White House.

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