Harris County Issues Mask Requirements For Businesses

Harris County on Friday joined other Texas counties issuing mask requirements for businesses to slow the spread of coronavirus.

"For anybody who might think to politicize this, this is not a time for grandstanding or scoring political points. And history will remember who did that," said Judge Lina Hidalgo.

"The idea is to see this as a no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service."

The orders in Dallas, El Paso and other counties were issued over the past 24 hours after Governor Greg Abbott approved similar measures in Bexar County.

Only businesses would be fined $1,000 if they're not enforcing the rules.

"The governor has been very clear we are not to fine individuals," said Hidalgo. "So the fine in theory would be there for businesses. But the priority is education. The priority is we've got our last opportunity, here's another tool. Let's use it. Let's work together."

A copy of the order may be found here

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