Americans Less Willing to Fly Now Compared to April

People are less willing to fly on a plane now than they were at the height of the coronavirus lockdown.

It may sound strange: less people have desire to fly now than in April. However, the airline industry's main trade group (the International Air Transport Association) says a willingness to plan flight travel has dropped to only 45 percent. That’s down from 60 percent two months ago. One reason is uncertainty about the future, but travel expert and President of Travelers United Charlie Leocha says there's one other big issue.

“The airlines have been making lots of promises. They’ve been saying that everybody is going to have to wear masks, and they are going to enforce it themselves. However, I think that they’re finding out that when they get on board these flights, they’ve got someone sitting right next to them that’s not even wearing a mask,” Leocha said.

Leocha predicts the government will eventually require you to wear a face mask on a plane when you're not eating. Airlines are forecasted to lose a combined 84 billion dollars this year due to the pandemic and economic shutdown.

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