You Know You’re Becoming Your Father When…

...when you hit 37, according to a survey of 2,000 sons conducted by Omaha Steaks.You swore it wouldn’t happen to you, but then you put your kid in a time out and said, “This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me,” and you stopped. “Don’t make me…” but then you stopped.

Yes, you’re becoming your dad.

Top traits respondents think they get from their dads

1.Take grilling very seriously: 37 percent

2.Repair things instead of buy them new: 35 percent

3.Get really into corny jokes: 28 percent

4.Tell your kids to ask their mother: 26 percent

5.Falling asleep on the couch with the game on: 25 percent

6.Grunt when I get off the couch: 25 percent

7.Mute commercials: 22 percent

8.Love to mow the lawn: 22 percent

9.Don’t like when people touch the thermostat: 21 percent

10.Finish everyone else’s plate at a restaurant: 18 percent

What respondents think their father wants

1.An ice-cold beer: 36 percent

2.Steak dinner: 35 percent

3.Glass of whiskey: 31 percent

4.Phone call from his family: 31 percent

5.Peace and quiet: 30 percent

6.A physical expensive gift (tech, smartphone, etc): 26 percent

7.Watch whatever he wants on TV: 24 percent

8.To be left alone: 23 percent

9.To sleep in: 23 percent

10.Sports back on TV: 22 percent

11.A cheaper practical gift (socks, tools, etc): 21 percent

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is this Sunday.

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