American Pride isn't what it used to be

There used to be a lot of American Pride. But this is 2020, and like everything else, it's off.

New polling says it's at a low point. While the majority - 63% say they are either extremely proud or very proud to be an American, it's the lowest number Gallup has seen since 2001. K-T-R-H-'S Rush Limbaugh says he doesn't blame you, especially with the way the mainstream media does their job.

"What is there to be happy about? Well, we're alive. But, that doesn't count because everyone takes that the economy. There's the economy that's coming back, but there is an effort to try to dispirit you on that, too," Limbaugh explained.

It's just another way the media tries to almost brainwash you.

"We are engaged in a battle for the kind of country we are going to have," Limbaugh stated.

It's not just Gallup's numbers either. A University of Chicago study says their numbers show we haven't been this unhappy in 50 years. Listen to Rush weekdays from 11-2 on KTRH.

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