A pandemic silver lining for home buyers

Summer is typically a hot time to shop for a new home and it looks like the pandemic has helped make this a buyers' market.

Matt Zajechowski says it's a good time to buy because of interest rates.

"The mortgage rates being so low, now is a really good time to buy."

Zajechowski says the pandemic may have helped buyers this year.

"I think you would still see people in the market to buy homes but I don't know if the rates would be as low, so I don't know if it would be as good for the home buyer at this time if the pandemic hadn't happened."

Zajechowski says a Lombardo Homes survey found a third of buyers have backed out of a purchase and the most common reason is something wrong is found during the inspection.

"We did find that was kind of a surprising thing that more people than you think are backing out of purchasing a home during the process and home inspection tended to be the top cause."

Zajechowski says not being able to show homes this spring has led to a glut of houses on the market.

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