A Night at the Movies Returns

Make your plans to now return the dark, hallowed recesses of the movie theater, because they are making plans to welcome you back soon.

Cinemark has announced they’ll be reopening theaters starting July 3, including Tinseltown 290 and Memorial City; Cinemark 12 in Cypress; Cinemark 19 in Katy; Cinemark 17 in The Woodlands; Cinemark Hollywood Movies 20 in Pasadena; Cinemark 12 in Rosenberg; Valley Ranch in New Caney; Cinemark 18 in Webster and Cinemark Movies 18 in College Station. They’ll begin with a staggered showing of classic films, including Ghostbusters, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park.

AMC has also announced plans to welcome patrons back in July.

The movie industry has taken the worst blow in its existence.Even at times of war, Hollywood was able to crank out products and audiences looking for escape or relief filled seats. When shutdowns were imposed in March of this year, theaters had to shutter their doors indefinitely and the industry had to stop production already underway for safety’s sake. It’s been a cliff-hanger. In April of 2019, the domestic box office took in $ 1,034,983,338 on the strength of Avengers: End Game. In the entire month of April 2020, Hollywood raked in $52,000. They’ve explored new revenue streams through, oddly, streaming, and there will be a lasting impact once the dust settles. Fans will have to decide if the theater-going experience is still necessary for their appreciation of watching films.

When you go back into the theaters, expect changes that have become regular: social distancing, hand sanitizers. Masks will be encouraged but not required. Seating will be every other row.Not as many people will fill the house.

As for what you’ll see, Disney’s live-action Mulan is expected to be widely released in July, and Tenet, a spy-thriller, the next weekend.Bill and Ted have another excellent vacation in August, with a handful of other releases. The summer blockbusters are being held back until fall, and some until next year.

Decades from now, when Hollywood tells the story of 2020, it’ll be the movie with a really long intermission in the middle.

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