Houston Planetarium Re-Opens Saturday

If you are tired of this weary earth, beginning Saturday you can once again find an escape in the great beyond as the Houston Museum of Natural Science Burke Baker Planetarium opens its doors to visitors again today, and what a marvelous story they tell!

Summer Starts Saturday!

You’ll want to be at the Sundial between 1 and 2 Saturday afternoon for a special treat to welcome summer’s warming and precisely predictable rays.

Then, the summer solstice – heralding the official beginning of the summer, the point when the run reaches its highest point in the sky – is at 4:43 Saturday afternoon.

Cue the Sahara dust.

In Houston, June is when we take a running start toward August, which is when the Bayou City feels like summer, averaging 95 degrees but often topping triple digits. In Houston, June is more an amuse bouche of summer's heat.

But it’s the perfect time to take in auditorium shows at the Planetarium, where all CDC safety protocols have been instituted, where the mind is free to roam without limitations, and where modern air-conditioning takes your mind off earthly concerns. The shows are out of this world.

“Passport to the Universe,” narrated by Tom Hanks, takes you deep into the dark holes of space.

“Unseen Universe” will take you front and center to the space-time continuum.

“Dark Side of the Moon” is a must.

Check out the complete schedule to the Planetarium here.

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