Mexico is Sparkling a Waiting for You

After months of staying inside - doesn't a few days on the beach sound good? A trip to a beach facing the Caribbean or Pacific sounds awfully good after months of staying inside and cooking for yourself!

Travel expert Shayla Northcutt says Mexico resorts and hotels are again ready for you. "We're seeing a very big up-swing in the Mexico tourism business. Our first clients who are going are heading out in the first of July." Northcutt says it's no where near last year's numbers, but they are working hard to bring you back.. "The deals out there are amazing! Book 5 nights and get 5 more for free in the future. Big deals for families of 4. We're seeing deals like we have never seen before."

Mexico's Tourism Industry Struggles as Texans Stay Home

Beaches are clean, buffets are replaced with menus and every surface you could touch has been sanitized.

Northcutt says the resorts and hotels in Mexico are getting ready for your visit. "They're absolutely making all of the safety precautions possible. I find that relieving and make my trip a more enjoyable experience." Northcutt says the Mexican tourism industry and its 11 million employees are desperate for Americans to return and she is seeing lots of travel bookings come through her agency - some are flying out as early as July first.

Mexico Beaches

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