Blinded by science to keep you locked down

When the pandemic started we were all asked to make sacrifices. Were we just being misled; blinded by science?

Back in March, Bryan Preston of PJ Media says public health officials and political leaders asked us to stay home, and we listened.

"Most Texans thought that they had to flatten the curve; that we had to get this under control or hospitals would be overwhelmed," Preston said.

We did that. We flattened the curve. But since then they've used science to try to keep everything shut down, while not practicing what they preached.

"We shut our churches down. We shut our businesses down. We didn't go anywhere. And then we saw the arbitrary handling, where you can't go to church, but you can take to the streets in massive numbers," Preston explained.

And then there were data points to try and keep things closed, like part of New York could not re-open unless they had no less than 30% of their hospital beds open.

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