Why aren't Republicans defending police publicly?

Since the killing of George Floyd, we have seen protests, violence, and chaos in the streets. There have been numerous calls to defund police. What you haven't seen is Republicans publicly defending cops.

So you might be wondering where the Republicans are; when will they come out in support for police? Michael Johns co-founded the National Tea Party movement thinks the silence is by design.

"This showcases what the future would look like under Democratic control, and I would have to think that some Republicans think that's an exhibit that is probably politically beneficial," Johns explained.

He also says the silent majority will turn out in November, and they don't back defunding police.

"Over 50% in every poll that I saw support the President's floating of the idea of even utilizing federal military resources on the streets to maintain the peace," Johns said, adding that just because they are silent doesn't mean they agree with what's been happening.

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