Cancel culture on the war path when it comes to cop shows

The cancel culture already got 'Cops' and 'Live PD.' They are looking to do even more.

There's actual debate on social media about cancelling the kids cartoon "Paw Patrol." No we are not making this up. Brandon Morse at Red State says this is out of control.

"It's a little sad to me that you can't even have a representation of a police officer in media these days without it being looked at as endorsing the Nazis," Morse said.

So what's next? Book burning? Morse says he doesn't rule anything out.

"They will go after anybody that portrays any of their supposed enemies in a positive light. This is all part of their narrative creation," Morse explained.

That includes classic like Gone with the Wind. HBO Max pulled it from its streaming service, and will bring it back with a special introduction to put it in historical perspective.

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