Texans putting more emphasis on economic issues in election year

Border security is usually at the top of the list for Texans when it comes to issues of the day. Thanks to COVID-19 that is changing.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation says a third of us say the economy tops the list of concerns they have. So where are we in the Texas re-opening after the COVID shutdown?

"We're probably in the 40-50% range. Some businesses are opening up slower than they are allowed to over concerns of liability," Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis said.

Lewis says some Texas cities have been performing well since re-opening, while some have not.

"Houston has done better than some cities have. But the recent uptick in coronavirus cases has me concerned," Lewis stated.

If that continues Lewis is afraid the economy will take another hit by being shut down again. But, he says one thing we have going for us is that gas prices are going up for the summer.

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