America’s Enemies Using George Floyd Riots for Propaganda

America's biggest enemies are using the death of George Floyd for their own propaganda.

China, Russia, and Iran are airing wall-to-wall coverage of the protests and riots, suggesting democracy leads to turmoil. Foreign policy expert Mike Gonzalez at the Heritage Foundation says authoritarian regimes have a strategy: undermine the U.S. while covering up their own history human rights abuses. So should we care what other countries think of us?

“I do care what the people in the European democracies or places like Australia or India think about us in the sense that they do elect their governments, and we want to have friendly governments that cooperate with us,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez says many in the U.S. have called out each of these countries as hypocrites. Often, their own citizens reject their state-run misinformation, disinformation, or propaganda campaigns.

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