Governor Abbott Warns East Texas Before Cristobal’s Arrival

Cristobal has again regained Tropical Storm strength as it moves across the Gulf of Mexico bearing northward toward the coast of Louisiana with an anticipated arrival this weekend. But things can change, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott cautions residents in East Texas to keep an eye on the track of the storm and be prepared for an evacuation in the event on is called for.

“We are urging residents in the most likely affected regions, deep East Texas, residents who live within a 50 mile radius of the Sabine River, to be prepared for evacuation,” Abbot warned in a Friday afternoon press conference.

Though the storm isn’t expected to come ashore near Houston, it could bring rain and flash flooding to East Texas. “We don’t know what may be needed,” Abbott says, “The time to get ready for a quick evacuation is now.”

This comes just as restrictions put in place because of the Covid 19 pandemic are beginning to lift, and Abbott says the National Guard is prepared to assist in evacuations of nursing homes if circumstances warrant.To accommodate the needs of social distancing, the state will use hotels and motels for evacuation sites.

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