Air travel is changing

If you haven't flown in a while, things are different now. Expect higher fares, but cleaner planes.

KTRH aviation expert Jay Ratliff says companies are finding out they don't need face to face meetings -- they can work by Zoom.

"You're finding out that that works much better than you thought and certainly far cheaper than sending your sales team all over the country."

Ratliff likes the new cleaning routines.

"They have many of these electro-static fog machines, basically, where they have ground service crews that are going through the aircraft after every single flight."

Ratliff says if you plan to fly for Thanksgiving or Christmas buy your tickets now because prices will only rise.

"So, for the savvy travelers, if you are looking at making reservations for later this year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, end of the year -- next year, January, February, March, April, May, now's the time to buy your tickets."

Ratliff says less business travel means the airlines will have to raise fares to make up for it.

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