Was it about the virus, or was it about fear?

For months all you heard about from the mainstream media was COVID-19. Then the George Floyd protests started. And all talk about the virus stopped.

So why was that? What happened?

Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center says the mainstream media didn't want to inform you. He says they wanted to scare you, and blame President Trump.

"They kept telling us that this was going to be an apocalypse," Gainor explained, adding that the media kept telling us hundreds of thousands would die.

So you listen to them. But then they forget about what they said and send you conflicting messages.

"The New York times called February a lost month. They forget that when Trump took action, they called him a racist," Gainor exclaimed.

And then they decide to stop talking about COVID completely. For instance, officials like Lina Hidalgo preached about social distancing for months, and then vanished when the protests began.

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