Houston Movie “The Lost Husband”

It’s a Hollywood love story, about a movie. Based on a novel by Houston author Katherine Center, “The Lost Husband” was shot in central Texas by Houston screenwriter/director Vicky Wight and was all set for a big premiere in 25 cities in early April. Then, like something out a Hollywood horror film, the coronavirus pandemic hit and every theater in the country was shuttered, leaving Houston production house Six Foot with few options. But it’s Hollywood. Within weeks, “The Lost Husband” was the #1 independent film in the nation streaming on iTunes.

Cleverly, creatively, marketing EVP Manuel Delgado says they had no choice but to go right to video to allow people to stream the film, and began with the author’s social media to build interest. Then they started promoting the movie on the social media accounts of the film’s stars, Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb and Nora Dunn. And then a fan base started telling friends, who told friends, and like Hollywood magic, “The Lost Husband” became a hit.

It’s the story of a Houston widow who heads to hill country with her two children to recoup, and she ends up with Aunt Jean and a cowboy on a goat farm.

“The Lost Husband” is available on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Red Box, or if you have Comcast it is On Demand. Check wherever you stream movies from.

We’ve been looking for a silver lining to come from this pandemic, and the story of the film’s unexpected success may be the rainbow we’ve been waiting for. As the curtain closes, exit stage left, it’s a happy ending.

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