Assisted Living Hit Hard by Covid-19

Senior living residences are under fire Since February, Assisted Living Facilities have been changing their operations. Diana Martinez of the Texas Assisted Living Association says, "They had to shake those protocols and GREATLY increase them to be able to combat Covid-19. All those things they did normally had to be ramped up." She says,still their future is secure. "Move ins still continue because it is a vital service that they need because families don't have the capabilities and facilities to provide fully for their loved ones. The facilities have extended an incredible amount of money on Personal Protection (Equipment) and even hazard pay to certain employees in certain situations."

Covid-19 and Nursing Homes

There's also a majpr change for families: The saddest part of keeping residents safe is not allowing them to have visitors. "One of the biggest changes that people on the outside see is the restriction of visitation. It can have a profound impact on the families - and mostly on the residents." Martinez encourages you to mail grandma a tablet and facetime often! Martinez also recommends a letter, card or little package in the mail will work wonders.

Assisted Living resident social distancing from family.

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