70% Not Ready to Dine-Out Yet

Thoughts of coronavirus have moved to the back burner in the past week as the nation comes to grips with race relations, but it’s still a slowly opening world we are returned to, and some people are more cautious than others.

Roughly 30 million Americans have lost their job during the pandemic, more than three times the number who lost jobs in the financial crisis of 2008. A Gallup survey finds women, people earning under $40,000 a year, and those without a college education were most likely to get a pink slip. A new Wallet Hub survey finds almost 75 million Americans saying they’d like to find something that offers more stability than what they had or have, and Rice University’s Dr. James DeNicco, the Director of the Principles of Economics Program, suspects it will take additional education to achieve. “A lot of the jobs we lost are in leisure and hospitality. As those jobs come back, if people feel those aren’t as stable, it's probably going to be a long-term type thing as people try to transition to a more stable job,” he tells KTRH News. “You’re probably going to have to take what you can get in the short run. Do what you know, and then use your experience to your advantage.” A survey by Student Loan Planner listing the most secure jobs during the Covid19 pandemic generally require an advanced college degree:

5. Corporate employee

4. Teachers

3. Physicians

2. Lawyers

1. Pharmacists

As for dining out, getting on a plane, staying in a hotel – all things we took for granted a few short months ago – are causing hesitation for most.

The complete WalletHub survey results can be found here.

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