Pandemic, Protests Becoming Major Issues in Election Slugfest

Joe Biden is once again going on the offensive against President Donald Trump. He's accusing the Commander in Chief of spreading hatred.

The former Vice-President's speech in Philadelphia Tuesday is adding more fuel to the growing fire that is the 2020 Presidential Election. However, the President is not likely to back down. Political analyst Bill Miller says the race has quickly become a slugfest in the last two weeks. He adds the pandemic and the recent protests over the death of George Floyd have become front and center.

“Both events have a certain drama to them and a lot of emotion, and I think they’re precursors to the race,” Miller said. “I think all this energy, emotion, anger, whatever you want to call it, will spill over into the Presidential race. If there is such a thing as a Supernova heat, than this Presidential Election will have that.”

President Trump has gone after Biden over his recent political gaffes. Last week, Biden said that black voters who can't choose between himself and Trump “ain't black”. On Sunday, a Biden ad blasted Trump for playing golf during the pandemic. This, after the president posted a video on social media showing Biden’s campaign logo on a coffin.

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