If the pandemic doesn't beat Trump, the left will use the riots as a weapon

The mainstream media thought the pandemic would beat Donald Trump in November. They aren't even talking about the coronavirus now. That's because they are banking on the George Floyd riots now.

The mainstream media is basing this new theory on the economic fallout from the protests, but Republican strategist Luke Macias says they are underestimating the Trump base.

"The people that were there to support him are still there. The people that wanted him to go and be different than the Washington elite are satisfied with his job performance," Macias explained.

But the national polls are't Trump-friendly. Macias says there's a funny thing about polls.

"Things being uneasy right now doesn't mean anything. We don't start voting until October through Election Day," Macias stated.

Just like in 2016, when almost every poll had Hillary Clinton winning. And we know how that went.

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