Same Pay - Fewer Hours!!!

Big and small companies around the world are finding higher productivity and lower overhead by giving workers a 4 day week or a 6 hour day without cutting salaries. Working fewer hours for the same pay -- will American businesses go for it? Your job isn't about the hours you work according to Business Expert Cheri Perry. "I do think it could work here --- but I also think it will require a lot of time for work and pre-planing. that some business owners may not be willing to take."

"Most people have gotten caught up in this thought process that we get paid for the hours we work. Certainly that is how we measure our work sometimes, but what we really get paid for is the value we put into those hours." Perry says working four 8-hour days will make employees happier and better rested - which improves productivity. During this Crisis time, many businesses are considering change.

"Businesses are looking at the bottom line. Included in what they're considering is how they pay their team." It's also easier to recruit the best workers if you pay them a full salary for less time.

Science Finally Says We Shouldn't Work 40 Hours

Perry says American businesses will have to change the way they pay their employees based on productivity and not time spent in the office. She thinks it's worth looking into because a shorter work week improves work-life balance, better rest and less time wasted due to burn out - which all add up to higher productivity.

Working fewer Hours for the same Paycheck

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