Pets and You Going Back to the Office

Working from home has its advantages - especially for your pets.Working from home means spending more time with your pets. You won't be with them as much when you go back to the office. Publisher of Houston Pet Talk Magazine Michelle Mantor says some will be happy to see you and the kids leave. "Some pets- probably mostly cats - will be glad when you and the kids are gone so they can have their home back." For the others who like getting the extra attention -- going back to the old routine could be dangerous for your furniture. "Animals of all species are creatures of habit and they rely on routine. The change of routine will cause bad behavior in some pets.Dogs who were getting one walk a day are getting four plus some extra 'go fetch' time and the cats who are loving their lap time and sleeping on your laptop won't be happy about your departure and the end of their nirvana."

Pets are Posted More than Spouses

Mantor says to gradually cut down on dog walks and kitty lap time now so when you go back, it won't upset them so much. As for the others who just aren't that into you and all this activity lately -- they will love getting their home back!

Dog who loves you working from home

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