Not truthful, not objective

Journalism appears to be dead, at least when it comes to the TV networks. They no longer seem interested in the truth, only what they think will help the Democratic Party. TV reporters have stood in front of burning buildings and insisted the protests are peaceful assemblies of those heartbroken over the unjust death of a man in Minneapolis.

Media critic Professor Jeff McCall says the TV networks have a story to tell, truth be damned.

"Places like MSNBC and CNN are part of the Trump resistance, so it figures they're gonna put on a happy face as much as possible."

Professor McCall says these haven't exactly been peaceful assemblies for a redress of grievances.

"The 1st Amendment protects expression and what we see in these altercations going on in these various communities is behavior and the 1st Amendment does not protect behavior."

Professor McCall says in many cases the national media has been a catalyst by encouraging and justifying the riots.

"One of the questions I think, really, is whether the media is reporting in this civil disobedience or whether it's participating and I think it's also worth noting that the media in some cases has probably become a catalyst."

Professor McCall says it's clear the rioters and looters don't care much about George Floyd and are simply enjoying being seen on TV and appearing in viral videos on social media.

Photo: DePauw University

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