Cliff Saunders Runs for Front Line Workers

Hey y’all. I’m Nikki Courtney, a reporter at KTRH, and I gotta tell you about my associate and friend Cliff Saunders, who you hear doing live reports every weekday morning on “Houston’s Morning News” 5 to 8 am. He doesn’t boast about himself, so please allow me one minute to.

Cliff has been dedicating his daily runs to people who are working on the front lines of Covid 19 since the pandemic began. Unprompted. Without fanfare. We’d never know about it if he didn’t keep us updated with his Twitter posts. Cliff’s a pretty humble guy.

I’m not saying Cliff is the inspiration for what has become a national “thing” now, but I suggest possibly he should be. A native New Yorker and Mets fan with an elderly mother-in-law in one of the world’s most virulent epicenters of Covid 19, he hasn’t missed a day of work, or workout, always with someone else in mind.

The guy has a heart as big as a house.

Well, his runs have become a national thing and you’re invited to join Cliff Saunders in your own way. Baylor College of Medicine is encouraging everyone to take part in #FitForTheFrontLine, a national movement to honor and raise funds to support frontline health care workers. Starting this week and culminating on Sunday, June 14, you are asked to move, exercise and get fit in honor of a frontline worker.

As Cliff sometimes does, take a photo or video of yourself doing something healthy and share it on social media, mentioning the person you are dedicating your post to. Include #FitForTheFrontLine and link to Baylor’s giving page This link gives participants the opportunity to support COVID-19 research or the needs of Baylor’s frontline workers. Gifts of any size make a difference in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

There is a very long list of all the health care organizations that are a part of this movement, Baylor joining well-known names like the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, NYU Langone Health and many more, and it’s being supported by companies like Goldman Sachs, Discovery, NBC, and Pinterest.

Cliff is an inspiring member of the Houston community and a trailblazer and if anyone asks, I’m gonna suggest Cliff may have started this. I hope he inspires you, too.

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