Auto sales have been good, but that may be about to change

If you're thinking about buying a new car or truck, do it this weekend. The pandemic incentives dealers have been offering expire Monday.

KTRH car pro Jerry Reynolds says Houston dealers have been moving plenty of vehicles over the past several weeks.

"The surprise has been how good the car business has been; every dealer I talk to in Houston is having a great month."

But Reynolds says the trouble starts in June, because dealers are running out of new inventory. Auto plants are reopening, but it's going to take a while to ramp up production.

"They're running split shifts, they don't have all the parts that they need because suppliers have also been shut down. It's a ripple effect."

Reynolds says there probably won't be many incentives this summer because dealers can't sell what they don't have.

"These incentives that are out there through Monday, have been in place all month long, but I guarantee ya, about mid-month the auto manufacturers wished they could pull back on what they had thrown out there because they're the biggest incentives we've seen in our life time."

Reynolds says dealers were surprised to sell so many cars during the lock downs, but now they won't need to offer incentives because new car manufacturing stopped for weeks.

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