Don't believe everything the mainstream media says about the 'new normal'

Cable news keeps talking about what will happen in a 'new normal' because of COVID-19. Don't believe the hype.

That 'new normal' predicts a lot of gloom and doom about what society will look like. Political analyst George Seay with Annandale Capital says his problem with 'new normal' is all of the uncertainty.

"They're just guessing. We don't know. If we get a vaccine, life will go back to normal. If we don't get a vaccine, we are going to have to make some allowances for that," Seay explained.

The other issue is that all of these 'new normal' predictions are based on modeling. And that modeling hasn't been accurate.

"The models are only as good as the inputs that go in, and we don't really know what the inputs are going to be. So they are completely inaccurate and don't predict the future well," Seay said.

But because there is a fear of the unknown, the cable networks rely on these inaccurate models.

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