Cancers Going Undiagnosed due to Covid-19 Panic

Since the Covid-19 panic, many Americans are forgoing their scheduled medical tests like colonoscopies, prostate exams and pap smears because they are afraid of being exposed to Coronavirus in medical facilities. Cancers will go undiagnosed due to Covid-19 panic. Since February, 87% fewer mammograms have been given and 90% fewer colonoscopies. Dr. Phillip Salem of Salem Oncology Center in Houston says the panic caused by Covid-19 is preventing patients from going into clinics and hospitals. "I think people are so afraid that they delayed everything they could delay. Delaying a diagnosis or treatment in any medical area - and especially with cancer - can be very costly!"

Dr. Salem says if treatment is delayed, cancer can return to the patient even more viciously than before. He also says travel bans with other countries are preventing international patients from coming to Houston for treatment, and out of state patients are afraid to fly here for fear of infection.

Eight Types of Misdiagnosis in Covid-19 Era

The IQVIA predicts more than 80 thousand diagnoses of 5 common cancers will be lost. Dr. Salem says treatment of current cancer patients is down - and for another Covid-19 related issue. "Because of the travel ban, we have patients all over the world who cannot come to Houston for treatment. Even patients who live in the United States are not coming here because they are afraid to fly. I have a patient who DROVE from Colorado for her treatments and then DROVE back."

Dr. Salem says delay in treatment for cancer will cause more problems in recovery, and even death.

Cancer treatments delayed out of Covid-19 panic.

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