President promises no new national lock downs

President Trump says there won't be a second national lock down this fall.

"We're gonna put out the fires, we're not close the country, we're gonna put out the fires. Whether it's an ember or a flame we're gonna put it out, but we're not closing the country."

But if the feds try, will the people stand for it?

Houston political insider Chris Begala says he hopes the President is serious.

"He better stick to that because this has been beyond insanity, a self-inflicted depression."

Begala says if not, it may be time for the people to bust out their torches and pitchforks.

"This has gone on too long and the so-called experts have been wrong, wrong, wrong; we need to be smart but we need to fully re-open this country."

Begala says a second lock down could be confined to individual states.

"If it would be in a place like Michigan where they have a horrific, I think politically motivated leadership, in Governor Whitmer, we'll have to see and see what occurs."

In a column, long time Presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan says no, Americans won't stand for another national lock down in the same year. The President says if there's a second wave of viral infections, he'll focus on hot-spots.

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