If it hurts the economy the mainstream media will lie, even about Texas

As long as it hurts the economy, the mainstream media doesn't mind lying about what is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consider what CNN has been saying about what's happened in Texas since our re-opening.

"Texas is seeing its highest number of cases and deaths just two weeks after it re-opened," reporter John King said.

Red State's 'Streiff' says they are leaving a convenient fact out when they say this.

"Texas has really ramped up testing. The more tests you give the more positives you are going to find," he stated.

But the media won't say that because they want to hurt the economy, which leads into their main goal.

"They are flailing about, trying to find something to stick that will hurt President Trump," he said.

And they figure the best way to do that is kill the economy.

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